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Did you find 20 Books of the Bible?

If this little puzzle gets you to think about the Bible, it will have hit it's MARK. It's a luLU. KEeps NUMBERS of people searching for hours. There are no Bible fACTS here, just the names of books. After looKING So hard, it may come as a REVELATION to you just how many Bible books you don't know.

You may be in a JAM, ESpecially since the tRUTH of the matter is that the books appear in more than one word. Finding them is a real JOB.

Be careful. A begger in Seattle was robbed while working this puzzle. The poor chaPS ALMS were stolen, while he wasn't looking. AHAB AKKUK, a CaRO MAN Says the puzzle isn't fair to Arabs since it contains no books from the Koran.

Yes, it will be A MOSt fascinating puzzle for you and,
yES, THERe will be some hard ones to spot. Even JUDGES have trouble. I admiT IT USually takes a minister to find some of them and loud LAMENTATIONS are often heard when the easy ones slip by us.

One lady says sHE BREWS a cup of tea to help her concentrate. You'll want to keep the puzzle if you finish it. My cousin GENE'S IS framed and on the living room wall. See how well you can
comPETE. Relax and see if you can find all twenty books.